Mediation at the London Mediation Office

Thank you for taking the time to consider the London Mediation Office for your mediation.

Our mediators are also qualified solicitors and are therefore able to give you legal information in a neutral manner throughout the process to help you come to an agreement that is acceptable to all parties .

Feel free to call us on 0800 622 6260 or use the contact form.

Ana Afonso Martins founded the London Mediation Office in 2012 and is now a Law Society Accredited mediator.

Ana strives to provide a safe environment in which parties can put aside their differences and reach an amicable solution to their divorce, finance/children/employment and Civil matters. When parties are unable to think of a solution for themselves, Ana or her co mediator will use their knowledge and experience in law to offer solutions which the parties can explore and adapt to suit themselves.

Ana has vast experience in mediating all issues mediation, children only and finance only cases.

In summary, Ana holds the following qualifications:

  • BA (HONS) European Studies and French – University of Manchester
  • Graduate Diploma in Law – BPP Law School
  • Legal Practice Course – BPP Law School
  • Civil Litigation Mediation Course – 218 Strand: Clerksroom
  • Family Mediation Course – Adrg
  • Accredited Law Society Mediator and authorised to offer MIAMS

Ana is a member of the College of Mediators and holds full professional liability insurance.