Children Mediation

Using mediation when you cannot agree on arrangements for the children after your separation is less disruptive for the children, quicker and cheaper than taking the matter to court. You also remain in control of what will happen to your children rather than have your child’s arrangements decided by a judge.

At the London Mediation Office, parents have the opportunity to work through a parenting plan for their children which works around their own commitments and allows each parent to have quality time with them. It is a collaborative process whereby each party has one main objective in mind: to do what is best for their children.

As trained mediators, we do not take sides. Our goal is to work with each parent and establish what each of you feels is best for the children. Where you are unable to make suggestions that each of you agrees with, the mediator will use his/her legal knowledge to make suggestions for the best possible parenting plan moving forward after your separation.

The main focus of each parent is usually how much they love their children but sometimes they are unable to look past the blame to see the wood from the trees. Together we will focus on the future allowing each of you to have positive, dynamic and meaningful relationships with your children, sheltering them from the adversarial nature of separation and divorce.

With mediation there is no win or lose. It is a win-win situation as a plan is devised that both parties are happy with. It is also much less stressful and time consuming which means you have more time to focus on the children and help build a bright future for them that you, the parents, are in control of.

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